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Priors Listed with 4 agents for over 400 days can't sell. Sophia Sold in 1 Day for $200,000 over asking! It's a miracle!

"We highly recommend Sophia as the best agent in Toronto real estate. How do we know? We hired 4 different agents who worked for over 400 days since the best market from February 2022, but nothing happened! We were so frustrated and desperate to sell. But when Sophia came around, we were so impressed by her work. She sold it firm in just ONE day for $200,000 over the asking price with multiple offers! It was a miracle! Sophia is a magician!


Now we understand she is the best because she exceeded all our expectations. From the start, her professionalism and expertise in selling difficult-to-sell houses were evident. Sophia's luxury home selling team provided stunning professional staging, a professional video tour of our house and community, open house, beautiful marketing material, extensive exposure, plus her company and team's big-name reputation and branding, that no other agents could match.


What really impressed us was Sophia's aggressive approach in finding the right buyers for our property. She worked tirelessly to get our house sold. She is a true specialist in selling difficult-to-sell houses, and her outstanding service and attention to detail are second to none. She always gave us the best suggestions and guidance, and she always protected our best interests. We are extremely grateful for her hard work and dedication, and we highly recommend Sophia to anyone who wants to sell their property quickly and at the best possible price."                 -Oleg 

Posted by Oleg Ochakovski Google 5 Stars Review